About us


Who are our customers?

We have been advising SMEs, liberal professions, one-man businesses and non-profit organisations for over 30 years now.

We have a wide and varied client base in different sectors ranging from liberal professions, retail and wholesale, industry to service sectors.

Thanks to our personal approach, we have become a trusted partner for our clients, with whom we always strive to achieve a strong and long-term relationship.

How we work

Our client’s file is always dealt with by one partner, who has final responsibility..

This is usually our client’s main contact in the firm.

The file is also assigned to a File administrator and a bookkeeper, who may or may not be the same person.

This means that the client has several contacts at the office and can receive assistance promptly.

When you contact our office by phone, you will be received by our Secretarial team, who will transfer you to the right contact person.

Different ways to collaborate

The collaboration with our office can be done in different ways:

You delegate your entire accounting file to us:

this means that our office takes care of your complete administration: booking of the invoices and financial transactions, drafting of the VAT tax returns and annual accounts, fiscal tax return and annexes.

You prefer to take on part of the accounting yourself:

drafting and treatment of the sales invoices are done by yourself, we take care of the purchase invoices and financial transactions, drafting of the VAT tax returns and annual accounts, fiscal tax return and annexes.

You have the necessary knowledge to do the accounting yourself or you have an internal administrative assistant::

we review the VAT tax return for submission and draft the annual accounts, fiscal tax return and annexes.

Our office adapts to the way of working you prefer.

We have a number of interesting software tools available to enable you to take care of part of the accounting yourself:


For processing the sales and purchase invoices, we use the online accounting software Octopus. Octopus is a complete accounting package, user friendly and designed to cover every company’s needs.


The accounting programme offers the most user friendly environment to do the bookkeeping. Thanks to Octopus we can optimise our client relationship. Sales and purchase invoices can be uploaded in pdf format and easily recorded in the bookkeeping.


Octopus offers the possibility to create and send invoices. Afterwards they can easily be recorded in the bookkeeping.

Online data management

Paper invoices and receipts no longer need to be kept separately. They can be sent directly to the Bookkeeping or the Accountant via e-mail or with the RealTime App.

Management of finances

Aan de hand van CODA-bestanden kunnen financiële verrichtingen automatisch verwerkt worden.

Voor meer info: https://www.octopus.be/


Silverfin is used to automate the year end closing and the documents that are needed to do so. Silverfin connects with the different bookkeeping and financial systems to bring all the data together, whatever the source. While before the preparation of the year end closing was still mostly done on paper, we can now do so electronically.

Silverfin offers us a solution to combine different accounting software packages and do the year end closing in a uniform way, easily create interim balance sheets and report to our clients in a consistent and efficient way.


For our office management we work with the software tools of Syneton. Admin-IS helps us to keep our client data organised and up to date and it gives a clear view on the tasks to be done with the respective deadlines.

At the moment we still work with the DMS system PMAS which we use to create an electronic permanent file in which we keep documents such as notary deeds, registration or changes to the CBE, the VAT identification, etc. We also create an annual file in which we keep, amongst others, the annual accounts, fiscal tax returns and their annexes.