The Personal Income Tax Check is carried out by Accountantskantoor DRT & Partners BV.

The following conditions may be amended and changed at any time by Accountantskantoor DRT & Partners BV.

When using this tool, you agree to the terms and conditions below:


Accountantskantoor DRT & Partners BV offers you (hereafter referred to as: Client) access to this tool with the aim of making the services relating to the declaration of personal income tax more efficient and accessible. This tool can only be used by clients of Accountantskantoor DRT & Partners BV. By using the tool you are deemed to be part of the client base and all customary conditions apply.

By using the system, the Customer declares the following:

–  The Client declares that he/she has filled in all the data truthfully.

– The Client declares that he/she has provided all the data of which he/she is aware, in compliance with Article 307, § 1, second paragraph, of the Income Tax Code 1992 (WIB 92) whereby every taxpayer must provide the numbers of the accounts of which he/she is (was) the temporary holder or co-holder with a bank, foreign exchange, credit or savings institution established abroad as from 1 January 2011, to the central contact point whose management is entrusted to the National Bank of Belgium.

– The Client declares that he/she has communicated the data himself/herself and only with regard to his/her person, spouse/legal cohabitant and/or other family members.

– The Client also declares that any change to this document, both for himself/herself and for his/her spouse/legal cohabiting partner and/or other family members, will be communicated before the end of the calendar year.

– The Client declares that all required and supported documents will be passed on to the accountant, including:

  • Income slips 281.10/281.11/281.12/281.14/281.20/281.50
  • Annual statement of foreign income
  • Copy of identity card
  • Summary of movable income (domestic and foreign), including
  • Income from shares (dividends,…)
  • Interest from bank accounts
  • Copyrights and other intellectual property
  • Bank certificate(s) for housing loans
  • For new loans, also the one-off basic certificate
  • For loans refinanced in the past, the date of the original loan
  • Bank certificate(s) for professional loans (in case of a sole proprietorship – main or secondary profession)
  • Certificate(s) of tax prepayment credits
  • Certificate(s) of pension savings


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Accountantskantoor DRT & Partners BV provides services based on the data left behind by the user. As a service provider we will only use the information that you leave behind through the Personal Income Tax Check. Accountantskantoor DRT & Partners BV only relies on the data that you as a user provide and can in no way be held responsible for damage in any way whatsoever caused by providing incorrect or incomplete information.


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