Corporate Finance

Restructuring your working capital

You need a healthy balance sheet and cash position if you want to buy a company or sell your own company. We will identify your financial pros and cons and examine the transactions you can best carry out to make your company a stronger player in the market.

Family succession

Thinking of selling your company to a family member or to a third party? Want to buy out the family and go it alone? Do you have successors in your family, but prefer to safeguard some of your accrued capital?

Together with you we will look for transactions that best fit your company’s profile and that will give you and your family the greatest benefits and assurances.

Leveraged buy-outs & buy-ins

Do you run the company and along with fellow senior managers want to buy out the other shareholders? Or have you and your managers set your sights on another company? Will you use your own funds to finance everything, or will you get help from third parties? We will assist you in structuring the transaction(s).

Mergers & takeovers

What about acquiring a company or merging with another company? We will examine with you how such transactions can best be structured and financed.

Financing of transactions

Private equity, venture capital, a bank loan or a mezzanine loan are all types of financing that you can use. We will advise you on the types best suited to your company and will put you in touch with the right financial partners.

Network of national and international specialists

DRT & Partners have a considerable amount of in-house knowledge, but specific transactions sometimes require specific know-how. Therefore, we cooperate with ideally placed consultants and partners: